I’m a little trim tab

As the story goes, as I read it many years ago… I am, we are, but little trim tabs.

A “trim tab”, as I was told, is a tiny tab, or rudder’s assistant, under the huge ships. Many many tiny trim tabs move to redirect the current so that the large rudders on big ships can operate effectively. That is, the tiny trim tabs “set” the direction of the current, to move it onto the rudder so that the ship can turn. Every trim tab, as tiny as it might be, is making a difference, is critical in the job of “turning the ship around”.

So many trim tabs we are, working together, to turn the ship around.

The good news is, the ship IS turning.

Please stand up, do your bit as tiny as it might seem, it is very important.


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I just want to say this website is brilliant! It is so user friendly and so very generous of you Jill to provide this site to help us on our Truthful and Free Way. I just read about the ‘trim tab’! You’re a rudder in my opinion dear friend.

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