Notice of Default: Mark Pitt, CEO, of the SBRC, the Business.

Notice of Default

Date: 8th February 2024.

Mark Pitt, as Chief Executive Officer;
Mark Pitt, in the private capacity;
45 Glendon Street, Kingaroy,

Find attached Notice of Default

Take note: Mark Pitt, you are here given a further fourteen (14) days grace to supply, Irrefutable evidence under your Quo Warranto, or Oath of Office, in Accord and Satisfaction, as required in the notice, regarding, “Statement and Claim [12th January 2024] For Harm done with Intent to Continue, Debt Slavery, sent by Registered Mail “CFHWI-12012024-SBRC-IIC, RPP44 63700 51001 40903 27604”, 15th January 2024, recorded as delivered 17th January 2024, for the attention of Mark Pitt, Chief Executor Officer, for and on behalf of the “SOUTH BURNETT REGIONAL COUNCIL, ABN-89972463351; DUNS-757803718: (“a business”); and all its actors, and agents, including any attached entities:

Your failure Mark Pitt to complete this task, will result in the, Notice of Default NOD-08022024-SBRC-2C, being accepted as true and correct, which then will placed on Court records, and Public Notice, being overt; at which time an Estoppel will then be claimed and recorded, till such time, evidence requested can be supplied, to the contrary.

Without malice, vexation, argument or merriment.

By Equitable Beneficial Title Holder, :Denis-Peter: the man;
Autographed and sealed:

See-“Link” to sealed and autographed copy of Original Notice in full;
Backed by evidence of crimes committed.
Now on Public notice overt, and Public record pending future action.

To all named and referred to: I, Denis-Peter: (sui juris, sum liber), the man, and injured party, have transferred the Guilt of knowledge of crimes against the living man, including treason, against the people of the Common-Wealth.

Without malice, vexation, argument or merriment.
By Equitable Beneficial Title Holder, :Denis-Peter:
Without Prejudice.

Autographed and sealed:

Posted by Denis-Peter