Schedule of Annexures

  1. Annexure COA RC1_ColBlanchNotice01 (Rod Culleton Notice 1)
  2. Annexure COA RC2_ColBlanchNotice02-Reminder-to-Notice-of-Constitutional-Departure-Police-Official-Sep2023 (Rod Culleton Notice 2)
  3. Annexure COA RC3_ColBlanchNotice03-Reminder-to-Notice-of-Constitutional-Departure-Police-Official-Sep2023 (Rod Culleton Notice 3)
  4. Annexure COA RC4_ColBlanchNotice04-of-Legislative-Assurance-Constitutional-Prohibition-CoP-Dec2023 (Rod Culleton Notice 4)
  5. Annexure COA DD_SelectExtractsConstitutionalReport1988-DD (Constitutional Report 1988 Select Extracts)
  6. Annexure COA SROWA Cons5652 74-1995 2 (Royal Assent LGA1995 WA)
  7. Annexure COA LGA_RA_VIC (Royal Assent LGA2020 VIC)
  8. Annexure COA LGA Local-Government-Act-No.-17-of-2009-QLD-Royal-Assent (Royal Assent LGA2009 QLD)
  9. Annexure COA 09 PUBLIC GOVERNANCE, PERFORMANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT 2013 (NO. 123, 2013) – SECT 11 Types of Commonwealth entities (Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 s11, “Corporate Commonwealth entities are legally separate from the Commonwealth”)
  10. Annexure COA 10 Registrar has no judicial capacity – Barrister Nick Chin re ANZ v Browning (Registrar has no judicial authority)
  11. Annexure COA 11 Browning v ANZ – Registrar no judicial authority (Registrar no judicial authority)
  12. Fact_sheet_No_12_Highlighted (Australian Government Solicitors Fact Sheet, all govco bound by Australian Consumer Law)
  13. Annexure COA 13 Addendum RC_ColBlanchNotice03BAddendum-References-for-Constitutional-Authority.pdf (Addendum with RC Notices)
  14. Senate_2022_07_26_Official (Hansard of the 47th Parliament – minus Members Oaths of Office)
  15. Annexure 3 (2 page letter 10.6.1999 by Robyn Webber, Director, Chamber Research Office, Parliament House, Canberra, one of 35 Annexures published in the book “Australia – the Concealed Colony”.)
  16. Annexure COA 16 Sir_harry_gibbs_letter_1995 (letter response from Sir Harry Gibbs to John Wilson 1995)
  17. Annexure COA 17 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (inc Covering Clauses 1 to 8 and Constitution)
  18. Annexure COA 18 Grattan Institute New-politics-A-better-process-for-public-appointments Nolan/Fitzgerald Principles highlighted on pages 6, 7.