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on Feb 08, 2012

People get into yelling matches with the judge that they’re the administrator of the legal name, because you’re not. There’s two different legal names. Both sides Jurisdictional issues. Where people are going wrong. You are the administrator and beneficiary of the same name in two different jurisdictions.

If the simple man can’t understand it, then it’s not a remedy. So people have the Full story, both sides of the equation, what’s really going on, to stop people from going into court and getting into yelling matches with the judge that they’re the administrator of the legal name, because you’re not. There’s two different legal names.

Both sides

Jurisdictional issues

Where people are going wrong.

Got the crown to admit on the record they had no:

•No claim

•No cause of action

•No contract

•No jurisdiction

Going to civil court for his (the judge) actions.

ONE SIDE of the equation

MASS confusion on what the name is

Law between us two.

What’s the government doing to us?

What is the name?

Only talking about one side of the equation.

Now we’re going to draw both sides of the equation at the same.

So we can see the differences between the two.

Same legal name. But it’s the same name in two different jurisdictions.

You are the administrator and beneficiary of the name on the one side of the equation in jurisdiction.

And they are the administrator and beneficiary of the same name in a different jurisdiction.

And that’s what people don’t understand.

They don’t understand jurisdiction in court.

And what jurisdiction is, period.

We’re going to start with man.

You’re born.

One of first gifts your parents give to you is a name.

That’s why it’s even called given name. Then you have your family name, which is your surname.

They filled out a registration form with the government. In their own law, in Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, registration is not this nefarious thing. As soon as I register something, it’s not mine anymore. It’s the exclusive property of whoever I registered it to.

That’s nonsense.

Just look up register in Bouvier’s Law Dictionary. It says right in there, registration, transfers no interest in property. What it is, it’s a recording.

A public record, that’s meant to protect your interest in that property. They’re not tricking you into registering something. Now it’s our, and your have to do what we say. That’s not what’s going on. So we register a name. There is a trick being played but that’s not it.

So the register the name. You are not a name. You are recognized through a name. That’s the will of government. That’s the will of the legislature. They recognize you through a name.

A name is a title. You can’t do anything without a title.


That’s the whole point of what’s going on. You’re given name, once it’s registered, becomes a title, that they recognize you through.

Statement of Live Birth. Public record of live birth. It’s not gifting you as property to the government. In fact, it’s a good thing. You’re going to want that. It’s a document filed by the government. The most important thing about this document is who signed it. And that’s one of our parents who signed this. Nothing else on that document is important except for who’s signature is on it.

Live Birth Record.

Draw a line down here.

We’ll call that line jurisdiction.

On this live birth record is a signature of one our parents. And that’s very important. That means that our parent created that. By their signature. So that’s a creation of theirs. That gave us a title. And a name to be recognized through.

Start with the points. The differences between the documents. Live birth record is created by our parents. Created by you. Your parents are acting as guardians. We get a signed document in the mail and it’s called a birth certificate. It’s got the same information on it. It must be a receipt for that document. That’s the presumption I went off of. Never operate on presumptions.

Should always question their work. Working off someone’s else’s work perpetuates myths.

I thought the same thing. This is my receipt. Bill of lading, UCC, we went through all that crap.

It’s all crap.

Makes absolutely no sense. This is not a receipt for that. It is linked to it. But not the way we think it is. It’s not a receipt for it. If it was, they would send us a shrink copy of that document. So clearly something else is going on. The other problem is this is alive birth record, and that one just says certificate of birth. If it was an extract of that document, it would say certificate of live birth. It doesn’t. The titles are different. That’s very important. We’re going to call birth certificate over here.

I don’t care if it’s spelled in all caps. I don’t care if it’s spelled upper and lower case. I don’t care if it’s spelled all lower case. I don’t care if it’s spelled in hieroglyphics. I don’t care if it’s spelled in runic symbols. That means nothing. It’s a name you’re recognized through.

End of Story, that’s it. Makes no difference how it’s spelled.

The wrong argument is being made in court. On both sides of the equation I’m going to write:


Again, same name, same information. Two different documents. The most important part of this document is, whose signature is on it? The government’s.

He who creates, owns.

It’s clearly something created by the government. Differences between the documents and what’s going on here. We have to explain “title”. We know they both have the same name on it. It’s the same name as on the birth certificate. People have to understand the concept of title. What a title is?What creates a trust? Everything is done title. What was your title?

Your title is your status.

What’s your status in society. What creates a trust? When you have title to a property. There are two titles to a property. There’s legal title and there’s equitable title. A trust is created when those titles are split.

And one party is sent one title and the another part retains the other title. So that means when legal title is sent to one party the become the trustee of that legal title. And whoever is the equitable title holder, remains the equitable title holder. That’s who the beneficiary of the trust is.

That’s how trust law works. Those videos were absolutely correct on trust law. I was only talking about this side here. I was trying to get people to understand who they are. And why they have so much power and value attached to them.

When your parents sent in the original documents. This is the legal title to the name you were granted by your parents. This was sent to the government. That made them legal trustee of this legal title and created a trust. And this is evidence of that trust. You always were the equitable title holder of that trust. That’s why you’re the beneficiary over here. So the title was split.

Government got the legal title.

They’re still in possession of it.

That gave them the right of use of the name. Go look up usufruct.

USUFRUCT is the legal right to use and derive profit or benefit from property that either belongs to another person or which is held in common ownership, as long as the property is not damaged or destroyed. In many legal usufruct systems of property, such as the traditional ejido system in Mexico, individuals or groups may only acquire the usufruct of the property, not legal landownership. Usufruct originates from civil law, where it is a real right of limited duration on the property of another.

The holder of an Usufruct, known as the Usufructuary, has the right to use and enjoy the property, as well as the right to receive profits from the fruits of the property.

THE ENGLISH word usufruct derives from the Latin expression usus et fructus, meaning “Use And Enjoyment”, cognate to English, “Use AndFruits”.

In Roman Law, usufruct was a type of servitude or ius in re aliena, a right in another’s property.

The usufructuary never had possession of this property (on the basis that if he possessed at all, he did so through the owner),but he did have an in rem right to the property itself.

UNLIKE the owner, he did not have the right of alienation (ABUSUS), but he could sell or let his enjoyment of the usufruct.



ab·usus non tol·lit usum
:abuse does not take away use, I.E., is not an argument against proper use

Despite the usufructuary’s lack of possession a modified form of the possessory interdicts was available to him.

THE TERM Fruits should be Understood To Mean Any Replenishable Commodity on the property, including (among others) actual fruits, livestock and even rental payments derived from the property. These may be divided into civil and natural fruits, the latter of which, in Roman law, included slaves and livestock.

Alienation, in property law, is the capacity for a piece of property or a property right to be sold or otherwise transferred from one party to another. Although property is generally deemed to be alienable, it maybe subject to restraints on alienation. Aboriginal title is one example of inalienability (save to The Crown) in common law jurisdictions.

So what you’ve done.

You’ve granted the government the permission or the right of Usufruct to the name. Understand the mindset of the people we’re dealing with.

They don’t like it when you start talking about usufruct and whose usufructuary of the name in court.

That’s just a right of use of something.

Our birth right, is recognized through this document. Not secured by it. Just evidence of something. We’re born in this land. That’s our birth right.

Our birth give us right to give birth.

We have a claim to the land, the resources, it’s all ours. Our right to give birth.

WE granted legal title of our claim to the government to use, to administrate everything, for our benefit.

We know that already. What if we were not born here?

I haven’t got there yet. I haven’t solve the problem for the people who weren’t born here. We can try to cover the later and reverse engineer that.

Everybody has to realize, we’ve been doing this all by reverse engineering. That’s the hardest thing you could do. Why does this work? Trial and error. On this side of the equation is what was created by us. We are the beneficiary of what was created.

A BENEFICIARY (also, in trust law, cestui que use) in the broadest sense is a natural person or other legal entity who receives money or other benefits  from a benefactor.

On this side of the equation. We’re just going to keep going with this one over here. So we sent them the legal title to the evidence of our estate if you want to call it that.

I’m not saying it is an estate.

I’m not saying it is a trust.

It’s evidence of something.

Then you can go on to define it whatever you want from there. An estate and a trust are almost the same thing. There’s differences.

What’s the question in their mind. What snake is in their head, lifting it’s head, poising to strike.

What question is “killing” them inside? It’s the question that kills you.

Have to kill the question. Lay the question to rest. Put the serpent in the dust. The serpent in Eden only asks questions. That’s the problem. No answers.

Killed them with one question.

The stone that killed Goliath was a question. Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am?Those are the only two questions you ever have to deal with.

Who are you.

Who am I.

Question in their mind. Have to raise the question in their mind.

Serpent = Question
Charm the serpent = Charm the question
And the question will bruise your heel. But you will crush the questions head.
Mark of Cain = Mark of Question.
Question Mark = Mark
Mark of Beast = question mark
Marker = Maker
Who’s mark do you bear?
Who’s question to you have in mind? What question is in your mind?
Seed = Question
Seed bears fruit.
Question bears an answer.
Everything supports the question in order to obtain an answer. Who answers for this question.
A corporation = a Question
Question = Presumption
You are a legal presumption.

You are a legal question. A questions without answers is like a kid without parents. No one to claim the question. No one to claim the presumption. If no one claims it, then it falls on you.

The liability of the presumption, or question without answer falls on you.

You pay.

Payment is compensation for lack of an answer. You deserve an answer. Everyone deserves an answer.
No answer = Penalty
Answer = Rebuttal
If you don’t have an answer, rebut it with a question. Send another question back, that’s your move.

Raise a question = Raise the serpent
Answer lies in the question. Like a rose among thorns.
Like a ram caught in the thicket. Like the wheat among tares.
Answer = Body
You have an answer = You have a body
To answer a presumption, you have to show a “body”. What “body” of facts or evidence do you have to show?

Make the body dance.
Dead Body = Dead Answer
Live Body = Live Answer
Plea = No rebuttal
No rebuttal = Dead
Legally Dead
Kill the serpent = Kill the presumption
Only a question can kill a question. Like kills like.
Answers = More Questions

A solution is a presumption flipped around. Where can you not call a thing by it’s proper name?

A game.

Game of presumptions. Can’t question a sworn statement. Got to put the serpent on a pole of brass.
An affidavit = Pole of brass

Put the snake on an affidavit. Place their presumption on a sworn affidavit, and file it into the public records.

Sworn Affidavit = Brass Pole with Snake
Lift it up in public. Let everyone see it. They will be healed instantly. The question that bit them will no long have any effect. Look and live. Look upon a sworn affidavit and live.

Snake Contract = unchallenged contact
Contract = Contact
Snake Contract = Snake Contact
Seed of the Snake = Question
Seed of God = Question
Seed of God = What do you want?
Seed of Snake = Did God really say you couldn’t have what you want?
Seed of God = You know who I am, I know who you are.
Seed of Snake = Who are you? Who am I?
Seed of Snake = Do I know you? Do you know who I am?
Same Question, Different Way of Saying it.
Seed of God = Direct
Seed of Snake = Indirect
Seed of God = Answer is Yes
Seed of Snake = Answer is Maybe.
Seed of God = You will Die, You will Live.
Seed of Snake = Maybe You Will Die, Maybe you Won’t.
Egg = Ego
Seed of God enters Ego = Life
Seed of Serpent enters Ego = Chaos
Which questions enters Ego = outcome of person’s life. “Don’t know who I am” enters Ego = Rage, Anger, Wrath

“Don’t know who you are” enters Ego = Kill, Steal, Destroy

Serpent enters Ego = Cain, Esau, Wickedness, Broken Pieces, All Pieces Separated, good separated from bad, house divided.

God enters Ego = Man Restored, Pieces Put back together, good and bad, one house under one roof.
Ego = Eve = Womb
Ego + Eve = Evil
Womb without Seed = Ego becomes Evil
Seedless Ego = Evil
Evil = Without Seed
Seed = Soul
Evil = Without Soul
Preserve = Save
Preserve = Take Seed Out
Preserve = Remove Seed
Preserve = Fruit without Seed
Saved = Without Seed
Saved = Without Soul
Saved = Soul taken away
Unsaved = Seed Not Taken
Unsaved = Seed Not Save
Saved = Seed is Saved
Born Again = Allow Seed to be Taken
Born Again = Allow soul to be taken
Seed dropped into pit. Seed cries out. Seed dies in pit.

New serpent rises.

Serpent = Us
Serpent = Surplus
WE are God’s serpents.
WE are God’s servants.
We are God’s Surplus.
Say the word that kills the presumption.

“You’re beautiful” kills the presumption we’re all beautiful here. Means, you’re not beautiful, that’s why I’m saying you’re beautiful, because you’re not.
WE say what you’re not. Oh you’re so smart. Because you’re not. Saying what you’re not is powerful.

Presumption = What You’re Not

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