***** Covering Clauses 1 to 8 and the Constitution *****
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act  (current, includes s51 (xxiiiA)
Commonwealth-of-Australia-Constitution-Act (pdf)
“This compilation was prepared on 4 September 2013 taking into account alterations up to Act No. 84 of 1977
[Note: This compilation contains all amendments to the Constitution made by the Constitution Alterations specified in Note 1
Additions to the text are shown in bold type Omitted text is shown as ruled through] Prepared by the Office of Parliamentary Counsel, Canberra”

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) (UK Government legislation website)
ConstitutionUKEnactedpga_19000012_en (pdf as enacted)

The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth – Quick and Garran
(3.7Mb pdf, digital text from the University of Sydney Library) Removed because it was incomplete, no Covering Clauses 1 to 8!

Quick and Garran Annotated Constitution full scanned document 94Mb pdf (very large pdf, will take a while to load)
Chapter 12, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act starts on page 262 of that pdf.
If this pdf is not available from the URL above, we have a saved copy.

If you are using these State Constitutions as references please check you are using the latest (current) version.

New South Wales Constitution Act 1902 (URL)

Queensland Constitution Act 1867 (URL)

South Australian Constitution Act 1934 (URL)

Tasmania Constitution Act 1934 (URL pdf)

Victorian Constitution Act 1975 (URL)
VictorianConstitutionAct75-8750a223 (docx)

Western Australia Constitution Act 1889 (URL)
Constitution Act 1889 – [06-g0-00] (pdf)