Ch3 Parliaments and Elections

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Chapter 3
§ 3. Parliaments and Elections
.1 Commonwealth. (i) Qualifications for Membership and for Franchise–Commonwealth Parliament.
Qualifications necessary for membership of either House of the Commonwealth Parliament are possessed by any British subject, twenty-one years of age or over, who has resided in the Commonwealth for at least three years and who is, or is qualified to become, an elector of the Commonwealth. Qualifications for Commonwealth franchise are possessed by any British subject, not under twenty-one years of age and not disentitled on other grounds, who has lived in Australia for six months continuously. Residence in a subdivision for a period of one month prior to enrolment is necessary to enable a qualified person to enrol. Enrolment and voting are compulsory except that the compulsory enrolment provisions do not relate to an aboriginal native of Australia. A member of the Defence Forces on service outside Australia who is a British subject not less than 21 years of age and has lived in Australia for six months continuously is entitled to vote at Commonwealth elections, whether enrolled or not.

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