Free Access to Courts Act 1400

Free Access to Courts Act 1400 db_1789-1 (pdf) (URL)

4 Every person shall be in peace
All his liege people and subjects may freely and peaceably, in his sure and quiet protection, go and come to his courts, to pursue the laws, or defend the same, without disturbance or impediment of any.

5 Full justice shall be done

Full justice and right be done, as well to the poor as to the rich, in his courts aforesaid.

The value of a penalty unit for an offence against this republished law at the republication date is—
(a) if the person charged is an individual—$100; or
(b) if the person charged is a corporation—$500.

That is, there shall be no fees or impediments imposed to lodge court documents, and, one could also seek court records in order to pursue justice.

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