Offer from a court

There are many approaches to dealing with invitations to go to a “court”. We will post some of those options for consideration here.

See also challenging-jurisdiction.

Agent: Is John Doe in the court?”
Response: I am here in regards to that matter as the authorised representative by special appearance to settle the matter.
Judge/Magistrate/Registrar, since you are acting as Trustee, what more information do you need from me to settle this matter. Can you see I have posted a Bond for discharge?”

More research required, bonding the court.


From the Matrix Decoded.
Your legal name ie “John Henry DOE” has been issued an offer (infringement) from a court.
You could respond in writing,
Correspondence from “MAGISTRATES COURT X” has issued an offer addressed to “John Henry DOE”

I note a name is merely superficial evidence of an identity, and wish to be certain that I am the party that agents of the Court (you) seek.

Is the party you seek, “John Henry DOE”:

  1.  a fiction of law,
  2.  a body corporate,
  3.  an Estate,
  4.  by construction of law a representative of the John Henry DOE Estate.

I wish it to be clear with no misunderstanding, if I am the party that owes this alleged obligation, I wish to honour that obligation and do promise to pay the penalty as prescribed, once it has been established I am the party you seek.

However, I do claim, and welcome evidence that does rebut these claims, that the party you seek, “John Henry DOE”:

  1.  is a fiction of law,
  2.  is a body corporate,
  3.  is an Estate,
  4.  is by construction of law a representative of points 1, 2 or 3.

As such, I would not be the “John Henry DOE” you seek.
I note that he who does not deny affirms, and an unrebutted claim becomes the fact in judgement in law between the parties. You may rebut my claims, or you may affirm my claims expressly or tacitly.

If it can be shown, that “John Henry DOE” is a living man, not acting in a representative capacity of a fiction of law or a body corporate or of an Estate, then I shall pay the prescribed penalty forthwith.

Kind regards,


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