Share the gem not the path

It’s extremely frustrating when people send me links with zero explanation. I no longer open them.
What we are in, is a maze of traps. We have a kazillion paths to investigate, research. I might be investigating, researching one, sometimes a couple of paths at a time. I need to get to the bottom of a path to find the “gem”, or decide it’s a dead end, a rabbit hole with no value. It can be a long path, sometimes it’s a shorter path. When I find a gem I share its value as clearly as I can. If you’re not able to see the value of that gem, that’s ok. You’re also researching, investigating paths of the maze (I hope). Please don’t send me new paths if you haven’t been to the end and found if it’s useful or not. I would suggest don’t even share a path, by email or social media, unless you have gone down that path and explain what you’ve found. To do so is just adding “noise” to the maze.

I have enough of my own paths to investigate. Your path, you find the gem, do your own digging.

Share the gem not the path.

Posted by PMA admin