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By joining The Commonwealth of Australia Private Members Association, you agree to be bound by the Rules of this Association (not currently “in force”, PMA not formalised).
The 3 set Challenge Council Notices are available to download on the Members pages, with example Fee Schedule.
Regular Zoom meetings to explain how to use the documents, make edits, how to proceed with any future dealings. We want everyone who uses this process to succeed, but without guidance there are too many mistakes.

New to document writing?

Please do not join this group if you want a quick fix and hope to copy/paste your way out of a pickle.
Any documents available from this website are not intended as a template but an example. Use them, learn how to write them. If you don’t understand what they say, you are not ready to be using them, you will make mistakes. If you join, come along to the weekly Zoom meetings and learn how they should be used.

You’ve written your own documents before?

Feel free to join and take the bits you like. If you’ve had successes please join the weekly Zoom and share! We’re all here to learn from each other, and nobody has all the answers just yet (we’re pretty damn close, the elephant has backed off but not yet left the room!).

The documents must be in the correct format, and all 3 Notices must be sent for the process to have any chance of being effective. There are NO GUARANTEES that others may have the same success. Many years of research and learning about legalities and law has allowed our dedicated group to get a decent grasp on what systems they have put in place, and how those systems, entities, processes get away with what they do. Basically, they get away with it because they have not been challenged using a language they acknowledge. Lex Mercatoria invokes Common Law, and when used in formally written Notices, excellent results have been achieved.

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