Challenge infringement

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The document successfully used for $1000 infringement was several years old (still here). While it was successful, it was not using Quo Warranto, and other improvements that have evolved over the last few years.
The following documents are a guide to help you write your own documents.
You must take the time to research who is making the claim.
What exactly is the claim? ie “You exceeded the speed limit by 0-9km/h” (exactly as it appears on their paperwork.
What business, exactly, do they trade as (ABN lookup, get exact business details plus ABN number)? It may take a few hours to research the name of the wo/man who is the CEO or Director of that business. Find their full name if you possibly can (may only be found on official documents, perhaps a Wikipedia page).

When writing your documents, key points that one individual has found successful (and many others using same principles), Checklist:

  • Notices of Conditional Acceptance are a 3 Notice Set. Not completing the set makes the first Notice a complete waste of time.
  • Use font Times Roman, 12pt, headings can be 16pt.
  • Creditor name block (you) should be ABOVE the debtor name and on the right side of the page.
  • Debtor block (them) should be below the Creditor and on the left side of the page.
  • Never use CAPS unless it’s the business as it’s listed on the ABN register or when referring to the legal fiction SURNAME, or quoting a reference that was sent in all caps.
  • Avoid using Postcodes, always address to and from a physical address.
  • Use the recipient’s full name if you can find it, and your full Christian name, born of the family x (the family name of your Mother at time of birth).
  • Autograph last page of all documents with a wet ink autograph (red thumb print, autograph over in blue pen, never use black pen).
  • You must remain in honour. Do not digress into verbal opinion or emotional commentary, keep it to the facts.
  • Don’t argue points of Statute about the “infringement” itself. If the Parliament and the law are invalid, it matters not about points within any “infringement”.
  • Edit the page margins or line spacings if necessary to ensure key sections are not split by page breaks (ie autograph)
  • Edit (at very minimum) all details marked in red, get exact details from your own “NOTICE”  (their claim).
  • Do a web search to find the CEO of the business making the claim and the building’s physical address.
  • All Notices must be sent Registered Mail. Don’t use “person” to “person”, just regular Registered Mail.
  • Never acknowledge correspondence was sent to you (eg. “I received” etc), as the correspondence was sent to “Josephine Mary BLOGGS”, a legal fiction, not “you”. If you wish to acknowledge any correspondence… “Correspondence addressed to “Josephine Mary BLOGGS” dated x, Month, year, ….. purports to ….”

NOCAInfringement (docx) Example 1 (older)

NOCAInfringement2023 (docx) Example 2 July 2023
NODInfringement2023 (docx) Example 2 July 2023
NOEInfringement2023 (docx) Example 2 July 2023

We only learn by pushing ourselves to do so. By reading the other NOCA, NOD and NOEs available, you can start writing your own documents. Feel free to use these as a guide, but the responsibility to use them, and to get them right rests with you. It is very important that you get the respondents name and address correct, the claim exactly as it appears on their paperwork, and all instances of “name/s” are correct.