Is the cestui que trust real?

The Cestui Que Vie Act 1707

Land Title Practice Manual (Queensland) TrustManualltpm-part-51Highlighted (Part 51 pdf) (complete manual file url) (page url)

Part 51 – Trusts


Trusts Generally
The only instruments or documents that may be registered to record trustees are:
• Form 5 or 5A – Transmissions by Death (as personal representatives);
• Form 1 – Transfer

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Sydney Law Review

SydneyLawReview33 (pdf)

Page 1 and 2

In 1920 a unanimous High Court held that ‘[w]here a thing is declared illegal, whatever may be the object of the prohibition, the thing declared illegal is of no force or validity, and everything dependent on that thing…shares the fate of the thing prohibited’.1 That holding invoked the ‘void ab initio’ doctrine in relation … Read article

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Quo Warranto

Quo Warranto

From Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd edition online.

“In old English practice. A writ, in the nature of a writ of right for the king, against him who claimed or usurped any office, franchise, or liberty; to inquire by what authority he supported his claim, in order to determine the right It lay also in case of non-user, or long neglect … Read article

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Constitutional departure

Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 (Cth)

This document makes Queen Elizabeth II ‘Queen of Australia’, as the Assent to the Act changing the title set by the Royal Style and Titles Act 1953. It also eliminated both the reference to the United Kingdom, and the title ‘Defender of the Faith’.


This document “makes Queen Elizabeth II ‘Queen … Read article

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Notice of Irrevocable Estoppel by Acquiescence – Matt Comyn

Per: Cestui Que Trust (Beneficiary)
in care of 259 Darling St
Balmain NSW 2041

Registered Post: RPP2105700053003001073605

To: Matt Comyn
Acting as Chief Executive Officer,
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Tower 1, Ground Floor,
201 Sussex Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
ABN: 48 123 123 124

25 June 2024

Notice of Irrevocable Estoppel by Acquiescence

NOTICE TO AGENT … Read article

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FOI Queen of Australia Coronation

Request Pt 1 Request Response
Dear Attorney-General’s Department,

Please provide the document/s evidencing the event, signatories of the Coronation of the first Queen of Australia.

Yours faithfully,

Conditionally without waiver of any rights under the non-corporate Commonwealth

Dear Jillian
Thank you for your email, which was received by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department (the department) Freedom of
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Notice of Resignation Due to Fraud

Notice of Resignation & Repudiation Due to Fraud Uncovered; 


Let it be known throughout the world: 

I Denis-Peter: a sui juris, Born on the Land, 20th July 1946, (Cth)

Officially Resign as Claimed Trustee and Surety to the –

DENIS PETER RAWLINSON Trust; a Creation of the State.


Also Repudiating all claims and liabilities;

Back-Dated to the date … Read article

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To register private property (ie vehicles, equipment etc) on the PPSR, the PPSR website provides excellent instructions, or watch a couple of many videos available. Just do a search eg. “How to register a vehicle on the PPSR”.

According to the PPSR, real property (land) can not be registered on the PPSR.

PPSR instructions:

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Criminal Code 1995

Just a couple of the sections in the Criminal Code 1995 relating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
Is an international treaty binding? Absolutely. Australia is a signatory to the ICCPR.
What makes it binding? Vienna convention on the law of treaties 1969.


Criminal Code 1995 (url)

268.10  Crime against humanity—enslavement

 (1) A person (the perpetrator) … Read article

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Court hearing analysis (video of the week)

The whole video is well worth listening to, but the gem, getting your Affidavit on the court record is around the 35:30 minute mark (see transcripts below video).

Part of transcript:

I do object to the court trying to force me to have an attorney. I do not need an attorney. I am myself, I am the beneficiary it is
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