The legal entity

An example.

A woman (mother) and a man (father) together produce a child.

In the hospital or shortly after the baby’s first breath, mum and dad name the baby Josephine.

On the Birth Information Paper (BIP), two of the lines:

Name: Josephine


(Caps/no caps doesn’t matter at this point).

What is important is the NAME, being the Christian name only. THAT is the name of the baby, as it is to be known.

The hospital sends the BIP to the Registrar of Birth Deaths and Marriages in that State.

The Registrar creates a legal document, an instrument, upon which it states your “name” is not what mum and dad named you, but a new legal entity created by the State combining your name with a Surname, and calling the instrument a Birth Certificate. It is the registration of a legal entity.

He who creates owns.

Who owns the legal instrument, the legal entity created by the State?

Not mum or dad, not the baby, the State.

The baby, becomes a woman known as Josephine. The name is not the woman. The woman is “known as” Josephine.

But what of the legal entity the State created? What of it, it’s not Josephine’s…

Unless she consents to joinder, consents to BE that legal entity so that it can be the legal title holder of property, contracts, licenses, registrations, obligations.

Before legal there were men and women bound by law.

No injured party, no law broken.

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