Sue Maynes

SueMaynes_Commonwealth of Australia Constitution v Local Council – long copy (pdf)

From the Conclusion on page 30:

Without being authorized under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, and contracted to the same through the Proclamation and Gazettal – this new corporate body, known as the Australian Government and its partners in COAG, the state governments and Local Council, must have individual contracts with you and I.
You should always direct your questions at the living man or women acting in the role of the corporate entity. Place this man or woman on their common law Vicarious Liability, which means they personally have to face a court of common law in the event they harm you without authority.
Because although the men and women who hold workplace agreements with this US-registered corporation and activate all the elements of deception as entities are protected in THAT system, their personal liberties and laws are found in ours and they can not avoid the fact that they are still men and women as found in the Preamble and protected by the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution – the People’s rules-book.
You should always demand a wet-ink signature to verify that the person holds the authority in the matter in question.

Your questions should always be –
Show me the contract.
Show me your authority under the manner and form of the People’s contract.
Show me the individual wet-ink contract I signed with your corporation to form an individual contract I am bound by.

It has to be one of the other. If it is neither, then the whole matter is either nothing to do with you or a removal of your civil and political rights and your rights of equity. In that event, the living person, acting in the role of the entity, is now responsible for the harm to yourself.

It all comes back to the Contract.