Brad Tipton

The 10 Magic Words To Immediately Remove ANY Debt

By Brad Tipton

Hi, my name is Brad Tipton. Daily, I help clients walk through the process of learning how to live in the Private, which involves things like helping them correct their citizenship status, helping them properly file their UCC1, and helping them removing debt (mortgages, auto debt, student loan debt, credit card debt and any other debt).

For years I struggled using debt removal templates and Acceptance For Value processes I found on online, on YouTube, and in SPC groups. I watched hours of videos, stayed up all night studying documents and looking of statues and laws. I printed a MOUNTAIN of papers until my office was absolutely full of documents. But so much of the information was unclear or confusing. And in the end, I was no closer to getting my debt removed.

I was spending a ton of money on Registered Mail and Certified letters and on Notary fees but all of them were ignoring my letters. My accounts were still in collections, my wages were on the verge of being garnished, and lender attorneys and collections companies were contacting me daily.

I felt let down by all the gurus online and by all the people in SPC groups.
My family thought I was crazy for even trying to become a Secured Party Creditor. In many ways, I had started doubting the whole thing myself.

In short, I was at rock bottom

Until one day I discovered 10 simple words that totally changed everything around!

When I started including these 10 words in my correspondence and even in person they WORKED LIKE MAGIC.

Today, I want to share with you the exact 10 magic words I use over and over to help my successfully clients get rid of mortgage debt, student loan debt, speeding tickets, Criminal Court cases, credit card debt, child support, Civil court cases, and ANY other debt you can think of.

But before I share the 10 magic words, heres a concept you absolutely MUST truly understand. Here it is
EVERYTIME anyone in the Public mails you a letter or speaks to you, they are making you and OFFER.

It does not matter if it’s a police officer who pulled you over due to a supposed violation. It does not matter if it’s a letter you received in the mail from the court. It doesnt matter if its a bill or invoice from debt collector or from anyone else in the Public.

Please Hear What I’m Saying to You…

Any ANY ANY ANY communication (whether verbal or written) that you receive from ANYONE ANYONE ANYONE ANYONE ANYONE in the Public is nothing more than an OFFER. Any words they say to you is nothing more than an OFFER TO CONTRACT with you.

For example, let’s say your license plate tags are past due and the police officer pulls you over. If he says, “Your tags are expired.”; those words are nothing more than an OFFER to contract with you.

In fact, it does not matter what words the officer says to you when he comes to your car window because any words he says to you is nothing more than his OFFER to contract with you.

Another example is if you receive your monthly mortgage or auto loan statement in the mail or if you receive a notice in the mail from a debt collector or their attorney.

It does not matter what the words say on the monthly statement, collection notice, or letter from the attorney. It does not matter what the exact words are, the words are nothing more than their OFFER to contract with you.

It Is Absolutely Vital That You Grasp What I Am Saying Here

I am saying is NO MATTER what anyone in the Public says to you, it is nothing more than an OFFER to contract with them.

So, here is a 3Question quiz for you…

1. What is it really if you receive a monthly statement from your student loan servicer?
2. What is it really if you receive a parking ticket after returning to your car after seeing a movie at the theater?
3. What is it really if you are in court and the judge enters and the bailiff says, “All rise!”?


All three are nothing more than their “OFFER” to contract with you.

Okay, now since you have a grasp of the basics, let me share the 10 Magic Words That Will Remove Any Debt.

Here are the 10 Magic Words:

“I Conditionally Accept Your Offer Upon Proof Of Your Claim…”

You see, you never want to disagree or create a controversy by talking about whether you are right or wrong, guilty or innocent, whether you owe the debt or not. Why? Because all of that is arguing and NONE of that works.

All you want to do is simply Accept Their Offer On The Condition that they provide proof that you did what they claim you did or that you owe whatever they claim you owe.

For example, in the situation where the police officer pulled you over and said, “Your tags are expired.” All you have to say is, “Officer, I conditionally accept your offer upon proof of your claim that state law requires my non-commercial vessel to be registered.” [By the way, never use the word car – use the word vessel].

For the example of receiving a parking ticket after you returned from seeing a movie. All you do is reply by mail to the traffic court and write, “Dear traffic court Judge Jones, I conditionally accept your offer upon proof of your claim that my non-commercial vessel falls under the jurisdiction of your parking meter.”

For the example of receiving the monthly mortgage statement in the mail.
You simply reply back in writing to the president of the mortgage company and say, “Dear CEO Caldwell, I conditionally accept your offer upon proof of your claim that my signature and note for loan number 1234567 did not 100% pay off my the loan in full at closing.”

Let me tell you how this thing goes…
For example, if you do not pay the amount on the monthly mortgage statement, then the mortgage company will threaten to take you to court.
And for many people that is VERY SCARY.

But here is the thing…

You are NOT saying or arguing the fact of whether you owe the debt. All you are basically saying is…

“Dear Mr. Johnson, Thanks so much for contacting me and bringing this matter to my attention. I want to get this matter taken care of as quickly as possible. Mr. Johnson, I recognize your monthly mortgage statement is an offer for me to pay the mortgage bill. And I am happy to pay it immediately upon you providing me proof that my signature and note did not pay my mortgage in full at the time of closing. By the way, Mr. Johnson, please feel free to take me to court because there, I am sure the judge also would love to see your proof that the mortgage was not fully paid at closing. One more thing, Mr. Johnson, I noticed your monthly mortgage statement had an all caps name on it. That is not my name as my name is written in an upper-and-lower-case grammar style. I’m sure the judge would like to see your proof of why you are breaking Federal postal law by writing to me using a fraudulent and fictitious name that is not mine.”

The bottom line is when any Public entity contacts you in person, via the mail or in court, they are doing nothing more than making an offer to contract with you. And you have the right to contract with them or not.

By using The 10 Magic Words to Immediately Remove ANY Debt, all you’re doing is controlling the terms and conditions under which you will contract with them.

Also, here’s the real secret…

The Pubic does not have any proof of the claim they are making against you. That is why they will not be able to produce any proof in court. The fact that they know they DON’T have any proof is why they will first contact you by phone, by letter and by their attorneys to threaten and intimidate you into paying and doing what they say.

The key is to NEVER GIVE IN their threats and require them to show up and answer the offer you make to them. You’ll find that VERY CLOSE to the court date – and sometimes they will bring you all the way to court to see if you actually show up and if you do, then minutes before the case is called, they will pull you to the side and say something like, “What will it take for us to settle this issue with you?”
At that point you should let them know what you require to settle the issue.
So, always be clear about what specific outcome you want so you will be ready when they ask what your requirements are to settle.

Why would they offer to settle? Simple. They know they have no proof and they know their whole thing is fraudulent and they have no desire to go to court and expose their fraud.

Again, Here Are The 10 Magic Words to Immediately Remove ANY Debt:

“I Conditionally Accept Your Offer Upon Proof of Your Claim…”

You just learned the words to use to remove ANY DEBT. And now there is just one thing left for you to do: take action.

I know, it’s likely you’ve seen information similar to this before.

Who knows? Maybe you’ve even tried to use this type of process before, but it just didn’t work out.

But this time it’s going to be different. And that’s because this time you’re free to contact me and ask me any questions that you don’t understand and I’ve written hundreds of these types responses to debt collectors, mortgage companies, credit card company, student loan servicers and many more.

So, never feel like you are alone.

You can do this. You deserve this.

So, go ahead and get started now using The 10 Magic Words To Immediately Remove ANY Debt, because a whole new world of financial freedom and personal empowerment is waiting for you!

Hi, my name is Brad Tipton. I help people learn to learn how to set up their lives in the Private.
I’m a former negotiator for Wells Fargo, I’m a former licensed mortgage broker and I’m the former owner of a stock purchasing and selling company. So, I KNOW what I’m talking about insofar as debt removal, Promissory Notes, Private Administrative Processes, legal documentation, stocks, CUSIPS, debt removal, banking and LIVING IN THE PRIVATE.
While there are many things to learn about living in the Private, I have found that its typically the simplest concepts tend to be the most effective.

In This Book, The 10 Magic Words To Remove ANY Debt, I share one of the simplest and most powerful for living successfully in the Private.

Why do I share this information? Simple. To keep you from wasting your time focusing on what I call “shiny objects”.

Shiny objects are cool things you pick up along the way as you start learning how to live your life in the Private.
However, 99 times out of a hundred, those shiny things usually DON’T work consistently. Or, they take years to learn or master. Or you have to pay someone thousands and invest hours of reading or watching videos to properly learn the information. And you know what? That process can be overwhelming and frustrating.
So, in this book, The 10 Magic Words To Remove ANY Debt is one of the MOST POWERFUL concepts I have found that works 100% of the time without you having to invest a lot of time, money, or effort.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my book and please feel free to contact me with feedback or with questions if you need more clarity on how to apply the 10 Magic Words in your specific situation.

All the Best to you on your journey to live free and empowered in the Private!

Brad Tipton