Notice of Resignation Due to Fraud

Notice of Resignation & Repudiation Due to Fraud Uncovered; 


Let it be known throughout the world: 

I Denis-Peter: a sui juris, Born on the Land, 20th July 1946, (Cth)

Officially Resign as Claimed Trustee and Surety to the –

DENIS PETER RAWLINSON Trust; a Creation of the State.


Also Repudiating all claims and liabilities;

Back-Dated to the date of registration: 30th of July 1946;

From which I, the living man, has been harmed, and will be claiming my true rightful, position as Beneficiary with one share in the Statutory Trust under the Commonwealth of Australia and the de jure Commonwealth of Australia Constitution act 1900 –

Proclaimed and gazetted on the 1st of January 1901, along with my position as one of the people of the Commonwealth of Australia. As I Denis-Peter: sui juris, one of the beneficiaries of the (Cth) having one share in the statutory Trust, as I never abandoned my position or was lost at sea, for the truth is I was kidnapped and held as a slave, standing a surety being forced to take a name that was not mine to stand as Trustee, for a State created joinder, allowing the kidnappers to commit the crime of Executor de son tort, and usurp, plunder and steal the wealth under false pretences, causing harm;


Therefore take Note;  


This Notice: Takes Precedence over any and all prior claims of being in any way, a prior claimed Beneficiary, of the DENIS PETER RAWLINSON Trust and Estate, due to uncovered evidence, that it was never my trust, being created by the actors for the State, solely to deceive, through trickery, being an act of fraud, not known previously, due to “lack of full disclosure” being with-held knowingly with intent, to enslave the living man, by its perpetrators, to aid in kidnapping, and then gain access to my God given right to the Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Trust for the people having one share, in the land, Sea and Air, as granted by God Almighty, Genesis 1: 26-29.


Also Noting that: 


Fraud Vitiates Everything; nunc pro tunc, ab initio. 


A full explanation for my Resignation, from the DENIS PETER RAWLINSON TRUST, “Created by the State” fraudulently, by having my mother give up all her rights by being classed as an informant on the 30th JULY 1946l where my natural Mother was coerced into autographing as an Informant and not a Mother, done so without full disclosure or gained consent knowingly and freely given, to cover up the intent of registering here as an Informant, placed I the living man into position that I the living man was kidnapped, held as slave, traded, and coerced into accepting , a position of surety, for the State created trust and now Trustee, using the Name belonging to the State, along with its liabilities belonging to the State.


Evidence Uncovered, is supplied at the following Link,

Continually being updated as more evidence comes to light:

which I, the living man, Denis-Peter: sui juris, claim under my belief to be true, and will become the Truth in law, should it not be rebutted under oath of office, within thirty days of this Public Notice, that must be under the following conditions:

(a) written, irrefutable, factual evidence;

(b) a signed true copy of the full-disclose;

(c) a signed true copy of the autographed consent knowingly and freely given, by my Mother and Natural Father;

(d) a signed, under oath of office, explain as to “why I, the living man was not informed by the Actors for the State of my Unalienable rights, and true trust, on reaching the age of maturity;

(e) a signed, under oath of office explanation, as to why I, the living man, Denis-Peter: sui juris, was not released from bondage to the State, to take up my rightful position as sui juris;

(f) a signed, under oath of office explanation, as to why my true position under the Commonwealth of Australia Statutory trust, is still being administered and criminally operated by the State/Foreign, actors committing the crime of executor de son tort, when the State was fully aware, that I the living man Denis-Peter: sui juris, had not abandoned it or could be claimed as lost at sea, but had been kidnapped with fraudulent intent, and still remains the a beneficiary of the Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Trust having one share in the Commonwealth of Australia, Land, Air, Water, Genesis 1: 26-29;

Remaining aware at all times of Canon trusts Law, Canon 2048, Canon 2049, Canon 2050, with more attention to Canon 2057

Along with the Fact that I Denis-Peter:

Rebuke and Reject any false presumptions, as Presumptions having no standing or merit in presentable or material fact, therefore is not law, being created out of a “Unilateral belief” of those assuming control and authority over others, as is the case in legalese, for only in God’ Law and Natural law, do I, the living man believe as a sui juris;


Link to evidence and other Public Notice sites.


Denis-Peter: sui juris, Beneficiary of the Universal Community Trust in the Private

Posted by Denis-Peter