Never stop Putting the Creatures on Notice, we are aware of their crimes.

Want proof, that cannot be rebutted, or denied?

Proof You are a debt slave, being raped day after day, to which You by your compliance, are assisting these criminals – which under Lore/Law makes You an accessory to the fact, through Your Tacit agreement, by being too afraid to stand for Your rights.

Don’t take my word for it: I am just the messenger, stating facts, that even You, can start walking the path to freedom by challenging the very creatures, by demanding answers, to all the questions laid out in the: Official, Amended, National Notice; Tacit Binding Agreement by Default; Through Acquiescence;

Amended 28th-March-2024.
Fact: these creatures have absolutely no lawful privilege to not answer questions that are doing harm to not only the people “who are the law” but harm to the country, “that is the people”.

We the People are many; and the, Satanic creatures laying claim to us are few,

Note: Your soul and free will was Granted to you by God,
whomever you conceive God to be.
It is not some privilege allowed, “without the free will”, by the State – Govcorp.
So claim your God given right.

You, are the Beneficiary, You, have the power to instruct the Trustee what to do, and the State – Govcorp, are the Trustees, and creators of the security instrument, that enslaves You, so read the document in the link, more than once, print it out, as there are many sections you can use over and over again, against these creatures demanding their proof of claim.

Share the link far and wide as united we stand, divided we fall.
We must without stopping, keep putting these creatures on notice that we are aware of their Crimes against the people of the Commonwealth, as it is the people:
who are the commonwealth!

Posted by Denis-Peter