Acts Interpretations Act 1901

17. In any Act, unless the contrary intention appears-

  1. “The Commonwealth” shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia :
  2. Australia” includes the whole of the Commonwealth :
  3. The Constitution shall mean the Constitution of the Commonwealth :
  4. The Constitution Act shall mean The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act :
  5. The Parliament shall mean the Parliament of the Commonwealth :
  6. The Governor-General shall mean the Governor-General of the Commonwealth, or the person for the time being administering the government of the Commonwealth, acting with the advice of the Executive Council :
  7. The Executive Council” shall mean the Federal Executive Council :
  8. Minister of State orMinister” shall mean one of the King’s Ministers of State for the Commonwealth :
  9. The Minister shall mean the Minister for the time being administering the Act or enactment in which or in respect of which the expression is used :
  10. Proclamation” shall mean Proclamation by the Governor-General published in the Gazette:
  11. The Consolidated Revenue Fund shall mean the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Commonwealth:
  12. The seat of Government shall mean the seat of Government of the Commonwealth :
  13. “The Gazette shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette:
  14. The Government Printer shall include any person printing for the Government of the Commonwealth :
  15. State shall mean a State of the Commonwealth.

Acts Interpretation Act 1901 Clth July12Act No.2 Scans 300 dpi. ORIGINAL

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