Infosheet 23 – Basic legal expressions

From the “Parliament of Australia” (url)
Infosheet 23 – Basic legal expressions – Parliament of Australia (pdf of the above page as on 19.6.2024)

the UK Bill of Rights 1688 is part of Australian law


The common law system is the legal system followed in Australia, inherited from the United Kingdom


Constitutional monarchy

This refers to a system of government in which the Head of State is a monarch


The phrase ‘due process of law’ comes from statutes that were founded on the Magna Carta and provide:

  • none shall be condemned without due process of law (Liberty of Subject Act 1354) and

  • none shall be put to answer without due process of law (Observance of Due Process of Law Act 1368).


Magna Carta is a foundation document of English, and therefore Australian, constitutional law.


Rule of law

The rule of law is the principle that a nation should be governed by law and that all individuals, including government officials and law-makers themselves, are subject to the law and equally accountable before it. A person cannot be punished unless a court has found a breach of the law.

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