FOI material

(LL = current CEO, DP = ex CEO, sobb = Shire of BB)
I request the document or instrument…
Copy of all correspondence (email, post, fax or other method) that has been sent and/or received by LL, DP, or any agents of sobb in any matters
regarding properties listed on Assessment nos. henry 1,2,3, and jill 1.
Including, but not limited to:
All documents and correspondence DP, LL or agents of sobb communicated to engage legal advice or decisions with Palisade Corporate (and/or
other legal representatives), and/or Baycorp, and/or Sheriffs office, and/or Perth Magistrates Court, to action:
1) Form 26 Seizure Notice, dated 9th March 2023
2) Form 25 Property (Seizure and Sale) Order (PSSO), dated 1st Mar 2023
– including correspondence with
a) John Robert Quigley and/or the Attorney Generals office,
b) any and all legal advice or direction from any agency inc Palisade Corporate (and/or agents of),
c) Baycorp (and/or agents of), including but not limited to Form 26 Seizure Notice and Form 25 PSSO
d) Perth Magistrates Court (and/or agents of), including applications, booking of facilities and staff for any/all administrative or judicial decisions, Form 6 Application and Form 13 Judgement,
e) Sheriffs office (and/or agents of),
f) internal staff, agents of sobb.
Copy of the document that proves proclamation of Royal Assent pursuant to s58 CoAC, of the Act DP, LL and agents of sobb rely upon to assume they have any interest in, or authority over, real property, LGA1995.