Beware postal fraud

Some people may have experienced agents “signing” for documents, that were commissioned/contracted to/you paid a fee for that service to be done, to be received by a named individual, but they were not signed by that individual. If anyone signs using a false name… this may apply:


Sending false postal messages

                   A person shall not:

                     (a)  intentionally and without a person’s authority, submit, or cause to be submitted, to Australia Post as a postal message signed or to be sent by the person, a postal message that was not so signed or to be sent;

                     (b)  intentionally submit, or cause to be submitted, to Australia Post a postal message signed with the name of a fictitious person;

                     (c)  intentionally and without the authority of the person sending a postal message, alter the postal message; or

                     (d)  intentionally write, issue or deliver a document purporting to be a postal message that has been carried by post knowing that it is not such a message.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 1 year.

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