Commercial lien against Michelle Hamilton

Public Notice – Commercial Lien

Be it known to all that on 2 May [2023] a common law commercial lien has been lawfully perfected between i, ‘Berni’: of the family “Homan”, and the following living women;
“Jo Brown”, a living woman, employed by “Ramsay Health Care” ABN “36 003 184 889”, Acting as “CEO”, entrusted with the obligations and duties of “Chief Executive Officer” for Ramsay Health Care Pty Ltd” ABN “36 003 184 889”, and
“Jo Brown” at the address: 129 Combine Street, town known as “Coffs Harbour” [NSW 2450], land known as Terra Australis and
“Michelle Hamilton”, a living woman, employed in the Private Sector of Healthcare,, entrusted with the obligations and duties of public office of “Human Resources” for “Ramsay Health Care Pty Ltd” ABN “36 003 184 889”, and
“Michelle Hamilton” c/- “Ramsay Health Care Pty Ltd”, Warners Bay Private Hospital, 42 Fairfax
Road, town known as “Warners Bay”, [NSW 2282], land known as “Terra Australis”, and herein after referred to collectively as “the tortfeasors”, Reason for the lien is that i have been the subject of many wrongs and malfeasance, (ie torts), being the denial and removal of my inalienable rights, employment, free speech, and bodily autonomy, at the hands of the tortfeasors through bullying, harassment, threats and termination.
Therefore my remedy in law/lore is to be able to place a commercial lien until the wrongs have been set aright.
All of the allegations/charges and debt obligations detailed in Request for Better & Further Particulars, Proposal of Resolution, Notice of Impending Action and Final Notice of Impending Action, in sworn Affidavits of Truth, Notices of Default and Claim of Lien, have not been rebutted and stand as Truth and Judgement. (all completed documents may be found at
The tortfeasors have not rebutted any of the charges against them, despite the tortfeasors been granted significant time and notice to reply, thus, i am lawfully able to seize the goods and assets that belong to the tortfeasors up to the amount of the commercial lien, which is $7,250,000.00 each tortfeasor, (seven million, two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand-dollars (AU), in sterling silver (99.9999% Troy weight) or in AuD cash, or a combination of silver and cash , and increasing at $200.00, (two hundred dollars), per day, with any further harm, injury, loss and or damages arising from the tortfeasors’ wrongdoings being added from time to time. Any and all concerned parties are duly Noticed that henceforth the credit worthiness of the tortfeasors is highly suspect until the lien lapses – or by some other means, is removed.
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